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HR API 2021

28 мая 2021 (пт), 10:00 - 29 мая 2021 (сб), 18:00

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Florian Damian: "Teach your computer to do your work"


Teach your computer to do your work

Ever wanted to:
• Automate your excel work?
• Grab information from LinkedIn, Github, basically any website in seconds?
• Send personalised messages and emails to hundreds of people?
• Make your computer your best friend?
• Do it with your own 2 hands and open your mind to the exceptional world of tech automation?
Well, let me give you a preview in maximising your time with what programmers call: do it once, forget about it.

Florian Damian​
Romania. Bucharest
Tech Recruiter & Trainer
eyeo GmbH

- Technical Recruiter that really likes to focus on people while his computer does the repetitive work. Been working in Recruitment for the past 8 years in companies like Facebook, AdblockerPlus, Misys, focused on international recruitment.
- For the past 3 years he also does training for companies that want to boost their recruitment and sourcing skills with in-house and open session.
- Found another passion in coaching people on IT Recruitment over good old Skype.

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