Конференция HR API 1.0 / Martin Lee: "How To Find and Attract Technical Talent" / Санкт-Петербург, Россия / 19 мая 2017 - 20 мая 2017

Конференция HR API 1.0

19 мая 2017 (пт), 11:00 - 20 мая 2017 (сб), 19:00

/ Partner at Brain Gain Recruiting / EMEA & APAC / UK. London - Martin Lee: "How To Find and Attract Technical Talent"


How To Find and Attract Technical Talent

The Russian market for technical talent is highly competitive but there is only a certain amount of the “best” talent out there. In this session Martin will look at the top tools and techniques for finding hard-to-identify IT professionals.
Learn searching and sourcing methods and tips on LinkedIn, Github, Stackoverflow, Google-Plus, angel.co, and how to combine various sources. Learn to build custom search engines and alerts, and possible terminology variations and synonyms to use. Several people aggregators (such as Hiringsolved, Dice Open Web, TalentBin, and Entelo) are also discussed.
Finally, learn valuable insights on contacting “techies” to get their attention and positive responses, based on Martin’s 20 year experience in this market.
Is that everything you need for now, just let me know otherwise.


Martin Lee 

Partner at Brain Gain Recruiting


UK. London

Martin Lee is highly regarded as a sourcing thought leader in Europe. He has almost 20 years experience Sourcing, providing some of the world's largest companies with rare and difficult to find skills. He has trained 1000’s of in-house and agency recruiters, and regularly advises global organizations on direct sourcing techniques. He Sources globally, with significant experience across EMEA & APAC, and has hands on experience of the differences in culture, tools and methods.

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