HR API 2019 / Thomas Swan Bittencourt: "The best way to recruit young talent" / Санкт-Петербург, Россия, Онлайн трансляция / 26 апреля 2019 - 27 апреля 2019

HR API 2019

26 апреля 2019 (пт), 09:00 - 27 апреля 2019 (сб), 19:00


Thomas Swan Bittencourt: "The best way to recruit young talent"


The best way to recruit young talent​

How to recruit juniors for the future of your company?

By working with three stakeholders - companies, universities and individual junior candidates from all over Europe and understanding their challenges we will be sharing concrete indication of what it is like to recruit juniors in 2019.

Their expectations have changed, their needs have changed and their desires certainly have changed. The goal of this presentation is to allow you to understand how the talent of tomorrow will be choosing where they would like to work.

What are other companies doing to work around current challenges and what has worked? By providing you with a clear indication over how to make your opportunities more attractive to candidates and what has worked when recruiting juniors.


Thomas Swan Bittencourt
Denmark. Copenhagen
Senior International Client Consultant

A solution-driven Brazilian, Thomas believes people with passion change the world!

As a Senior International Client consultant and Continental European Lead at Graduateland, he has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world across a wide array of industries, understanding and advising on the evolving world of young talent in terms of how to define, attract and recruit the candidates that will lead them into future.

His experience in this field ranges from Employer branding, candidate behavior, trends, and University project development.
At his current position, he has also played a pivotal role in Graduateland’s exponential growth into a leader in the field across Europe.

In addition, his background includes being a Founder of his own branding company in Denmark and working as a Team-Lead at one of the world’s leading textile multinational organizations in Spain. This has sharpened his view on how to balance and exploit local and global assets.

His experience across industries and companies, big and small, has contributed to his first-hand knowledge of hundreds of touch points, lessons, and cases on what it takes to attract the best candidates in the present young talent global market - which he is happy to share!

“Remember what is now proven was once imagined, so together let’s find solutions to our new challenges”.

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